M-iClean H

Ergonomic workstations, shorter wash cycle times, quicker drying, lower costs.

The M-iClean H hood type dishwashing machine sets the standard in convenience, cleaning per-formance and economy. It opens and closes itself with just a gentle touch from the operator. Silent. Reliable. Effortless. The ergonomic concept of the M-iClean H safeguards staff health, saves time and improves satisfac-tion at work. No more awkward loading and unloading or twisting, no unnecessary waiting time, no more stooping or bending.

From M to XL – MEIKO has an automatic hood for every requirement

Ideal for smaller utility rooms: the M-iClean HM hood type dishwashing machine with a passing height of 505 mm and a rack size of 500 x 500 mm.

Powerful technology for larger washware: M-iClean HL with a passing height of 560 mm and a rack size of up to 650 x 500 mm.

M-iClean HXL with twice as much capacity makes everything hygienically and sparklingly bright in two 500 x 500 mm racks. The passing height is a generous 505 mm.

Rinse with MEIKO M-iClean H
Progress in washing


MEIKO Clean Solution Circle

A state-of-the-art warewashing process

Recording the complete warewashing process is a real science. At MEIKO, we have identified eight key elements that provide the basis for this process, and we have coordinated them. The result is the MEIKO Clean Solution Circle. It is at the heart of our full-service principle.

The MEIKO Clean Solution Circle represents our holistic approach to the washing process and all of the relevant factors with everything supplied from a single source. At the centre of the system is ‘Sinner’s circle’: time, temperature, mechanical elements and chemicals. But our solution goes further. We will plan your dishwashing area in an efficient, ergonomic and economical manner, help you with any technical issues and ensure that everything keeps working smoothly for years to come. And we will make sure that your staff are always up to date with the latest training. We focus on cost-effectiveness, hygiene and environmental protection to help you get the most out of your warewashing technology. A true all-in-one package.

On hand wherever you are

MEIKO Service around the world

Outstanding products and top service are two sides of the same coin. Quick response times, easy to reach, good availability of original spare parts, expert hotline staffed by engineers – these are just some of the pillars of our high-quality service. And ’prevention’ is essential too: it is best if a serious problem never occurs. Our digital early warning system therefore assists with refilling detergent and other chemicals. At MEIKO, the whole system is important, not just the machine itself. That is why we can look back at award-winning service structures established over decades. But we never stop improving, because developing our range of services is just as important to us as investing in technology and quality. After all, technology is only as good as the service behind it. Our Service team is ready for action to make sure your service works – around the world, by land, sea or air. And the team is available 24 hours a day if required.

Glasses after 200 cycles with 10°dH and without chemicals

The comprehensive chemicals portfolio
for (virtually) any application

Your business, your warewashing technology, your cleaning agents! So simple and yet so fundamental – finding the right combination of machine, water conditions and cleaning agents is the only way to achieve perfect, long-lasting results. We will bring all of these factors together and tailor them to your needs, allowing you to exploit the full potential of your dishwashing area and maximise the benefits for your patrons, your warewashing technology and your wallet.

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Hygiene starts with water treatment

What exactly is the GiO MODULE all about?


Hygiene monitoring made easy with the smart cockpit for your dishwashing machine

MEIKO CONNECT makes it easier to monitor your professional kitchen. Now you can use your smartphone to record machine and hygiene data from your MEIKO dishwashing machine – it’s easy and convenient.

Intelligent planning for the dishwashing area

Ergonomic and economical

As well as hygiene, organisation is essential in a kitchen – whether in a large-scale kitchen or in the bistro around the corner. And where many people are working together every day, seamless processes are required. Keeping a kitchen well organised is worthwhile, as it saves time, makes optimum use of space, protects health, boosts productivity and much more. Analysis, assessment, optimisation and automation: take a look at our concept for intelligent planning and design of ergonomic work processes.

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